Alt Summit is a transformative whirlwind event and an exhilarating community that promises transformation! Rewinding to 2009, the journey began under the moniker Altitude Design Summit. At its inception, it provided a cozy haven for design bloggers, creating a warm and welcoming space. But, just like the ever-evolving world around us, Alt Summit experienced its own evolution – its content expanded, and its audience diversified, making it a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

This extraordinary gathering has served as a launching pad for remarkable figures and renowned brands. For instance, Alison Faulkner, the force behind The Alison Show and and the illustrious trajectory of Pinterest – both took scaling steps at Alt Summit. Yes, you read that right! Ben Silbermann, one of Pinterest’s co-founders, attended the conference to scout for beta testers for his small website, an endeavor that eventually blossomed into a billion-dollar sensation.

Alt Summit 2024 - Alt Summit Instagram

Alt Summit 2024, from Alt Summit Instagram on March 15, 2023.

But there’s more! An astounding 85% of Alt Summit attendees are repeat visitors, returning for seconds, thirds, or even more. It’s no wonder, as Alt Summit gathers  industry badasses and change-makers, ensuring an unmissable experience for those who attend.

Worth every penny. A place where I can feel immersed in creatives from varying backgrounds who have a common goal and purpose.


Fast forward to today, and Alt Summit 2024 is right around the corner, taking place on March 17-20, 2024. This is where the magic happens – a place where diverse creatives converge with a shared goal and purpose.

Step back in time to 2009, and you’ll find the origin story of Alt Summit, marking the beginning of its journey. Since then, it has hosted 15 major events, ranging from flagship extravaganzas in Salt Lake City and Palm Springs to summer bonanzas in New York and San Francisco. And that’s not all – there’s been a slew of online soirées too. Originally fashioned as Altitude Design Summit, it swiftly acquired the snazzy nickname Alt Summit, reflecting its vibrant and dynamic nature. While it initially catered to design bloggers, this party has grown into a playground for all kinds of creative hustlers. Artists, photographers, pinners, instagrammers, vloggers, shopkeepers, content crafters, designers, and yes, bloggers continue to shine as part of this creative melting pot.

So, buckle up for Alt Summit 2024 – an event that promises to immerse you in creativity, connection, and a world of endless possibilities! Learn more about the Alt Summit, HERE!