National Women in Aerospace Day 2024: Honoring Trailblazers and Inspiring the Next Generation

Today marks National Women in Aerospace Day, a dedicated observance [...]

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Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum Marks 2024 Women’s History Month with Fresh Exhibition and Initiatives

The Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum is ushering in a [...]

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Did You Know There’s a Dashboard for That? PitchBook’s US VC Female Founders Dashboard

In the realm of venture capital (VC) and entrepreneurship, tracking [...]

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“The Pocket Guide to the Patriarchy” Book: Demystifying Gender Inequality and the Battle for Equality

Maya Oppenheim's book fearlessly navigates eye-popping statistics and stories, empowering [...]

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League One Volleyball Secures More Than Double the Funding Thanks to Support from Investors

League One Volleyball (LOVB), a women's pro volleyball league, recently [...]

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Seven Strategies for Women to Overcome Self-Doubt in Business and Savor Sweet Success

Imposter syndrome, which can affect individuals regardless of age, gender, [...]

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Join Alt Summit 2024 for an Immersive Experience with Creative Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Alt Summit is a transformative whirlwind event and an exhilarating [...]

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