Insider recently published a list of the top 28 women executives in sports media.

This post originally appeared in Insider by Margaret FlemingLucia Moses, and Ashley Rodriguez on October 30, 2023.

From Insider’s original lineup, we’ve handpicked our top five based on their notable accomplishments and influence within the industry. These women have made substantial contributions to their respective organizations and have significantly impacted the sports media industry as a whole. Their achievements and leadership have helped shape the industry and further its progress.

Insider’s list includes women driving innovation in critical sectors, capitalizing on emerging trends, and forging new pathways for others to follow in their footsteps. These remarkable women occupy key positions at the media rights table. They’re also adept at tapping into expanding audiences and fandoms. Members of this list do more than excel in their roles; they also serve as mentors, often leading teams predominantly comprised of women, and actively pay it forward to nurture the next generation of talent.

  1. Marie Donoghue (Amazon Prime Video): Donoghue’s leadership in securing key sports deals and innovative sports streaming experiences at Amazon Prime Video, as well as her background at ESPN, makes her a standout figure in the sports media landscape.
  2. Erika Nardini (Barstool Sports): As the CEO of Barstool Sports, Nardini has led the brand to become a major player in sports media. Her achievements, including expanding Barstool’s podcast network and social media reach, highlight her impressive contributions to the industry.
  3. Rosalyn Durant (ESPN): Durant’s role as the executive vice president of programming and acquisitions at ESPN, overseeing programming, media rights deals, streaming services, and more, reflects her significant influence in the sports media landscape.
  4. Susie Piotrkowski (ESPNW): Piotrkowski’s leadership in ESPN’s strategy for women’s sports and expanding its female audience has resulted in record-breaking viewership for women’s sports. Her role as vice president of women’s sports programming and her background in women’s team sports make her a key figure in promoting gender equality in sports media.
  5. Lauren Buck (SiriusXM): As the Vice President of Sports Partnerships and Marketing at SiriusXM, Buck’s role as the primary liaison with major sports leagues and her work on securing renewals and marketing initiatives have made her a pivotal figure in the world of sports partnerships and media.

See the original post at Insider for the entire list of 28 and all their individual details and accomplishments.

  1. Marie Donoghue of Amazon Prime Video
  2. Amina Hussein at Amazon Prime Video
  3. Charlotte Winthrop of The Athletic’s
  4. Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports
  5. Maggie Clifton, Senior VP of Business Development at Blue Wire Podcasts
  6. Patty Power, Executive VP of Operations and Engineering at CBS Sports
  7. Rosalyn Durant at ESPN
  8. Susie Piotrkowski at ESPNW
  9. Elizabeth Casey at Fox Sports
  10. Terri Hines at Fox Sports
  11. Pamela Duckworth at Fubo
  12. Ellen Hyslop of The Gist
  13. Haley Rosen at Just Women’s Sports
  14. Elyse Noonan at NBC Sports
  15. Molly Solomon at NBC Sports
  16. Jennifer Storms at NBCUniversal
  17. Ashley Braband at Omaha Productions
  18. Sascha Malas at Overtime
  19. Juliet Litman of The Ringer
  20. Mallory Rubin at The Ringer
  21. Tian Pei at Roblox
  22. Lauren Buck at SiriusXM
  23. Constance Schwartz-Morini of SMAC Entertainment
  24. Jessica Robertson of Togethxr
  25. Hania Poole, Senior VP of Digital and Product for Warner Bros
  26. Stefanie Rapp, Senior VP of Commercial Growth Strategy at Warner Bros Discovery (WBD)
  27. Julie Sbuttoni, WWE’s Senior VP of Creative Services and Photography
  28. Lori Conkling, YouTube’s Global Head of TV, film, and Sports Partnerships

To explore the complete list of all 28 accomplished women and delve into their individual details and remarkable achievements, visit the original post on Insider.