A revolutionary new tampon brand, Sequel, is set to disrupt the menstrual product market, offering a patented spiral design that promises fewer leaks and enhanced comfort.

This post originally appeared in AXIOS, by Jennifer A. Kingson.

Sequel’s groundbreaking engineering marks the first significant tampon redesign in 80 years, with the potential to change the game for women athletes and anyone seeking better menstrual solutions.

The driving force behind this innovation is the FDA-approved, patented spiral design that Sequel claims offers enhanced leak protection and comfort. By incorporating helical indentations, the tampon absorbs fluid more evenly and efficiently than traditional designs, which can leak due to their longitudinal grooves.

While many new tampons on the market boast organic materials or unique applicators, Sequel stands out by focusing on functionality. Their plant-based tampons are made from biodegradable viscose fiber with a BPA-free plastic applicator, prioritizing both sustainability and performance.

The brains behind Sequel, co-founders Amanda Calabrese and Greta Meyer, are Stanford University engineers and elite athletes who developed the product as part of their alma mater’s product design engineering group. Drawing on their sports background, Calabrese and Meyer seek to address the challenges faced by female athletes during menstruation.

With the support of investors, expert engineers, and endorsements from athletes like gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, Sequel is quickly gaining momentum. By embracing the growing popularity of women’s sports and prioritizing performance-driven design, Sequel hopes to disrupt the menstrual product market and set a new standard for tampon innovation.

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