As we reflect on the remarkable summer of Barbie, the Era’s, and Renaissance, it becomes increasingly evident that women are harnessing their power, wealth, and influence to propel the economy forward, ignite vital discussions, and drive transformative change. Women are indisputably making waves!

Here, we present you with over 20 illuminating women’s statistics, ready to bolster your next proposal, enrich your pitch deck, enhance your grant narrative, or captivate your audience during a compelling speaking engagement. These statistics vividly affirm that women undeniably play a pivotal role in shaping and leading the world.

Power. Money. Influence.

  • Come 2028, women will assert their dominance, commanding an impressive 75% hold on discretionary spending, firmly securing their position as unmatched global trendsetters.1
  • Annually, women worldwide wield their purchasing power to command a staggering $31 trillion in consumer spending.2
  • 92% of women reveal that they share information about deals or online recommendations with others.3
  • Women are responsible for 91% of new home and holiday-related purchases.4
  • Studies have found that women investors get better investing returns than men by 0.4% to nearly 1%.5
  • Almost 90% of women perceive money as a means to fulfill their “purpose,” as revealed by a UBS survey.6
  • Currently, women oversee approximately 33% of the total U.S. household financial assets, which amounts to over $10 trillion. This figure is projected to reach a staggering $30 trillion by the end of the decade.7

Women in Business

  • Women entrepreneurs own 42% of all U.S. businesses, totaling 13 million.8
  • Minority women-owned businesses generated an impressive $422 billion in revenue in 2019.9
  • In 2021, women founded 49% of all startups.10
  • Women of color-owned businesses contribute to the employment of over 2.2 million individuals and Black women have ownership stakes in more than 2.5 million U.S. businesses.11
  • Notably, 17% of Black women are actively in the process of launching new businesses.12
  • In 2020, women-owned businesses achieved an average annual revenue of $330,226.13
  • The year 2021 witnessed 14% of unicorn startups being founded or co-founded by women.14

Women’s Business Funding

  • In 2022, a mere 2.4% of venture capital funding is allocated to female founders in the United States.15
  • Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs successfully secured $2.3 billion in funding in 2020.16
  • Funding is a top priority for women-owned small businesses.17
  • Twenty-nine percent of women business owners express doubt about ever achieving equal access to capital.18
  • According to Biz2Credit’s report, women accounted for just 27% of loan applications in 2020.19
  • Female venture capitalists are twice as inclined to invest in female-led start-ups in comparison to their male counterparts.20
  • In 2022, approximately 10% of unicorn companies had at least one woman as a founder or co-founder.21

Clearly, women aren’t merely participants in the global economy; they are architects molding the financial and entrepreneurial horizons, and their influence is poised for significant expansion in the forthcoming years. Armed with power, wealth, and influence, women persist in reshaping the world we inhabit.

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