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Rogue Women’s Fund Raises More Than $13M to Support Women-Led Tech Startups

Rogue Women’s Fund Raises More Than $13M to Support Women-Led Tech Startups

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A breath of fresh air is sweeping through the venture capital scene as Rogue Women’s Fund, a VC firm with San Antonio ties, proudly announces raising over $13 million to fuel the growth of women-led tech startups.

Read this original article by Zoe Gottlieb over at the San Antonio Business Journal.

Managed by the dynamic team at Rogue Women, this early seed-stage fund successfully secured more than $13M from 31 enthusiastic investors, according to an April 19 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Originally aiming for a $30 million target back in August 2022, Rogue Women’s Fund passionately invests in trailblazing B2B and software-as-a-service enterprises led by women across the nation. Caroline Lewis, managing partner of the fund, emphasizes the strategic advantage of having a partner rooted in Texas, enabling the fund to tap into the bustling venture landscape of Austin and beyond.

With an impressive portfolio of 17 cutting-edge companies, including the likes of Ellevest and Stix, Rogue Women’s Fund plans to strategically deploy the raised capital over the course of three years. Despite the disheartening history of low VC funding for women-led startups, Lewis confidently highlights their remarkable returns, reinforcing the undeniable value and potential of investing in this often overlooked and undervalued entrepreneurial space.

As women-led startups continue to generate impressive returns while facing ongoing challenges in securing venture capital, Rogue Women’s Fund’s mission serves as a beacon of hope and progress within the industry.

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As part of a larger movement to amplify female participation across the venture capital landscape, Rogue Women’s Fund’s efforts are echoed by events such as San Antonio-based investor group Alamo Angels’ recent Women in Investing gathering. Together, these initiatives strive to empower and elevate women entrepreneurs, showcasing their tremendous potential to drive change and redefine the world of venture capital.

Head over to the San Antonio Business Journal to read the original article by Zoe Gottlieb.

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