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Haters Gonna Hate. And, Party!

Haters Gonna Hate. And, Party!

Hater Reads Party

“What’s Hate Reads?” inquired a patron at The River, a hidden gem of a bar nestled in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

This post was discovered in DNYUZ, which originated in the New York Times.

The occasion was a reading event celebrating Hate Reads, a clever creation within Delia Cai’s Deez Links newsletter, hosted by Substack. Writers, adopting the nostalgic style of bygone blogging days, contributed anonymous essays railing against their least favorite things—from Taylor Swift’s fashion choices to media parties and even the Hate Reads themselves.

Inside the bar, Substack employees circulated with stick-on name tags and markers, encouraging guests to label themselves not just with names but with things they despised.

About 75 people filled The River’s dark corners, perching on chairs, stools, and even the floor to listen to several essayists read excerpts of their work.

One by one, 10 essayists stepped forward to share their pieces. Daniel Varghese from The Wall Street Journal lamented bizarre beverages at house parties, while Danya Issawi from The Cut bemoaned fast walkers. A standout was Mary H.K. Choi, who delivered a heartfelt monologue about her conflicted feelings toward musician Post Malone.

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After the readings concluded, the crowd lingered in the dimly lit room, sipping on “Haterade” vodka sodas and chatting animatedly.

In the end, it was a quintessential media party—where laughter, camaraderie, and shared disdain flourished in equal measure.

Check out the original post in DNYUZ, which originated in the New York Times.

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