League One Volleyball (LOVB), a women’s pro volleyball league, recently completed its second fundraising round, securing an impressive $35 million, more than doubling its initial investment.

Original content appeared in NPR by Bill Chappell on October 4, 2023.

The league has attracted notable investors like Amy Schumer, Jayson Tatum, Billie Jean King, Lindsey Vonn, Candace Parker, and Linda Henry.

This substantial investment mirrors the growing enthusiasm and demand for women’s professional sports, particularly in the realm of volleyball. Despite its strong presence in international competitions, the United States has lacked a full-season professional women’s volleyball league, making this a promising business opportunity.

LOVB has been diligently building its league for two years, with initiatives that include youth programs spanning 1,100 teams and 43 clubs across 21 states. The league boasts a lineup of accomplished Olympians, including gold medalists from the Tokyo Olympics.

Looking ahead, preseason matches for LOVB are scheduled to commence in November 2024, followed by a full season starting in January 2025, culminating in the championship final in April of the same year.

This investment in LOVB is part of a broader trend, showcasing the emergence of new women’s professional sports leagues, with growing support from athletes, investors, and fans alike.

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