The last couple of years have thoroughly disrupted our working patterns and challenged our fashion norms. Amidst the chaos of remote work and uncertain times, questions have arisen not just about how we work but also about what we wear as we work.

Original article appeared in VOGUE, by Alice Birrell, Annie Brown and Gladys Lai.

Over the last few years, work fashion has cycled through change. From Zoom shirts to ‘Biz-Leisure’ and back to sweatpants, this oscillation mirrors the uncertainty of our times. We’ve dressed up for office interactions, enjoyed in-person coffee meets, and unwound after hours.

But what’s the 2023 office fashion trend? It’s a mix of these experiences and something new. Fixed trends seem futile in this ever-shifting landscape. Yet, some trends stand out: comfy silhouettes for movement, structured waistbands, pencil skirts with clacky heels for purposeful steps, all aiming for optimism and tactile joy.

Rules? They’re flexible. Wear a bold shirt to meetings or a vibrant blazer. Embrace textures, eclectic combinations, and comfortable, high-quality fabrics – it’s all fair game. Be playful, be adaptable.

Beyond fashion, it’s about personal style experimentation. This shifting landscape is your canvas to be you, in and out of the office.

In shifting work landscapes, one thing’s clear: fashion is expression. 2023 blends style, comfort, and confidence. Amid change, your outfit can empower and radiate positivity.